About Us

Hello!  My name is Staci and I am the proud founder of Twisted Tangerine.  More
importantly, I am a working mom who has been blessed with two, incredibly amazing kids. As like most of us, I am constantly working on a balance between being the best mom I can be, working on my passion which is Twisted Tangerine, maintaining strong and lasting friendships, and just whatever life tends to throw at me.  When not working or traveling to and from shows, I love all things outdoors - especially being on the lake!  My passion is to inspire my customers style with fashions that will transition between seasons and make you feel confident and beautiful. 

In 2011, Twisted Tangerine was born, and my hope became my reality!  Twisted Tangerine started small, with home shows and local pop-up shops. Over the last several years, we have expanded to several, invitational events within the Metroplex but also outside of Texas. You can also find us in numerous marketplaces in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, such as Gracie Lane in Arlington, Painted Tree Mansfield as well as Painted Tree in North Richland Hills. 

I’m so very blessed to have the best partners that work with alongside me, empowering our customers to feel great about themselves and highlight what makes them feel beautiful. Twisted Tangerine would not exist without their hard work, passion, and love for one another and of our customers – YOU!  We pride ourselves on our customer experience, especially at shows when we get to be with our customers, some of which we have now known for over a decade!  That will never change! As we take the next step forward, we look forward to greatly expanding our online presence so that we can share our passion at all times … because how you FEEL about you – Is what MATTERS most to us! 

Thank you for supporting Twisted Tangerine!
- Staci Wright -